Topic: Import of Bruker Spectra

Hi, I tried to open my spectra files gathered on the bruker ultraflex III system with mMass, but it is insisting that I install CompassXport, which I of course did just yesterday :-(...

Since the last question in that direction was over a year ago and to my knowledge kind of unsolved I decided to try again.

CompassXport is reacting to my meddling, but is spitting out Error codes(120 or an occasional 8) when I try to let it convert (.fid) files. I was finally able to convert a file to Analysis.mzXML but it seems to be empty.

Right now I´m working with mMass 5.5 and CompassXport 3.0.7 in on a Win XP computer and hope you can help me.


Re: Import of Bruker Spectra

How to convert Bruker 'fid' format to an open format, which can be read by other programs.

The IUPAC standard is new file format "mzML", which is converted with "mode 2"

Copy you experiment with subfolders to C:\fid_convert_temp

Subfolders should contain "fid" files

Open command prompt, and write:

cd C:\
compassxport.exe -multi C:\fid_convert_temp -raw 1 -mode 2