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Is there a list of compatible hardware for this project?  Just stumbling in and would very much like to pick up some equipment and try some of this out.


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Looking at my question it appears I'm asking what computer is compatible.  I had meant which mass specs where compatible.  After reading the PDF, I'm going to answer myself.  See section 6.1 "supported formats", mMass does not attempt to read any native formats from the mass spec manufacturers, instead it supports many open standards.  Although there does appear to be some advantages to using bruker equipment and their CompassXport tool:


If anyone is successfully using any other mass specs by other manufacturers, I'd love to hear about it.  And if anyone can better yet comment on which ones are better used with mMass that would be very interesting.


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If it helps to decide for Thermo instruments I can implement support for Thermo RAW data format :-)



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Are you using any specific model?  Their website shows they are making a ton of different devices:


they look very competitive indeed.


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For about 12 years I have been working with Bruker instruments only, but now I am working inside Thermo :-)
But seriously, mMass is less than ideal for LCMS. So if this is what you are intersted in, you should not decide because of mMass. In addition, all vendors currently support open formats readable by mMass.



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You read my mind, I was just about to ask how mMass dealt with Chromatography. My primary interest is in water analysis.