Topic: A question about peak picking

Firstly, the mMass software is really amazing, thanks a lot!

I have a question regarding about peak picking automatically. I am using Maldi-tof spectras and I want to label isotopes between 600 and 5000 m/z value. When I tried them both ways, automatically and manually, I get different intensity values. At deisotoping tap, I set the “label envelope tool as Monoisotopic mass” and “envelope intensity as envelope maximum”. This works perfectly normal with manually but when I tried with automatically it takes only the intensity of first peaks of isotope group. I tried several ways to do it correctly but i couldn`t. It would be appreciated if you could provide me some information about my problem.



Re: A question about peak picking

Those settings you mentioned are only used for manual peak picking using ‘Label Envelope Tool’ and have no effect on automatic peak picking. The automatic peak picking labels each peak/isotope individually without considering any pattern. Subsequent deisotoping step tries to group isotopes into patterns but only to estimate charge, mark monoisotopic peak and remove isotopes. Final intensity is not changed here.



Re: A question about peak picking

Thank you very much for your answer and time.