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great program, thank you. I just discovered it and it is a great way to view spectra. I haven't even tried the tools yet. There is, however, a feature I wouldl ove to see: Export as a vector format - PS or SVG.   I am using mass spec to follow an enxyme reaciton and am interested in the peaks shiting through a number of spectra.  With  a flattened PNG file, I am stuck. With a PS file, I can take each spectra, then offset them to give a 3D effect that elegantly shows time. The PNG is convenient and smaller but I think a vector format export would be extremely useful.

thanks again,
zach cp


Re: Export in Vector Format

Hello Zach,
even if there isn't any special tool to export spectrum to vector format, you can do it. If you are using Mac or Linux with build-in PDF support just chose File -> Print Spectrum from the main menu and in the Print dialog choose Save as PDF. Resulted PDF file will be in a vector format and can be imported into Illustrator or other vector programs. If you are using Windows, you can do it in the same way but you need to have full version of Adobe Acrobat or other PDF converter installed. See the mMass User's Guide for more information.



Re: Export in Vector Format

just revisited this post.  tried your method and its awesome. works fine!