Topic: Problem opening mzXML file in mMass

Hello board !

I never used mMass before maybe there is something wrong I am passing by ..

I am trying to open .mzXML file (converted from thermo .raw aquired on an Q-Exactive )
When I open such a file i get the "Select scan" box with mi TIC and BPI on the lower part and each scan on the upper part ... I can open one scan or various (lets say 10 ) withouts a problem. But when i try to select all of them (because i want my whole LC-MS chromatogram in mMass) no way ... it'll block and keep spinning

How should I open an LC-MS file in mMass ???

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Re: Problem opening mzXML file in mMass

first of all, you should know that mMass was not designed to process LC-MS data. It is just a "single-spectrum-processor", typically used for MALDI data.

You can open multiple spectra but there are no features required for LC-MS processing such as TIC, BP, XIC creation etc. Therefore it does not make sense to try to open all the scans from your mzXML at once. Moreover, it will probably not even fit into available memory, so mMass will crash soon.