Topic: Problems importing bruker files


I've problems importing fid files. I already intalled CompassXport but there is always an error message "Unable to convert data. Make sure Bruker's CompaxxXport is installed on this computer". I tried to do what you said in another post but I can´t solve my problem. I would like to know if you can help me.

Thank you.



Re: Problems importing bruker files

Hi, first of all, try if your CompassXport installation really works. So open windows command line and type:

CompassXport -help

It should display some information about the tool.
If everything is OK, try to convert your data. Type Something like:

CompassXport -a "full path to your fid file"

It should convert your data into default format or display some error.
Let me know. Your results.


Re: Problems importing bruker files

Thank you martin!