Topic: de-adducting spectrum

Hi Martin
I analyse a lot of maldi peptide mass fingerprint (PMF) data and a major hindrance are unwanted sodium (M+22.98) and potassium (M+38.96) adducts of peptides which occur in addition to the desired M+H ions. This significantly interferes with the database matches.
Thus, looking at how efficiently mMass is able to de-isotope multiple ions of a single peptide to label only a single desired peak ie monoisotope, i wonder if a similar approach could be done with de-adducting sodium and potassium from the labelled spectra. Possibly a tick box option similar to the 'remove shoulder peaks' ?

Middlesex University


Re: de-adducting spectrum

Hi Tom,
unfortunately, this feature is not available. I think better solution would be to add "adducts" to digest tool. Similarly as for the compound search tool.