Topic: custom sequence modifications

Hello Martin, I was wondering if it was already possible (or could be possible with an update) to add your own modifications to amino acids under the sequence modifications box. I know a lot of mass spec people work with deuterated analogs like I do and the ability to check for modifications due to deuteration (such as D3 acetylation) would be a godsend. This would not only allow for people to not have to rely on mascot to do peptide mass fingerprinting, but if we could input our own modifications (and maybe upload custom modifications to the forums somehow) it would save you a lot of work having to add them all yourself. Oh, I should mention that that feature would mean I would cite mmass as my primary means of data analysis, rather than Bruker's data suite. Thank you for your time.


Re: custom sequence modifications

Hi, you can use modification editor. From the main menu go to Libraries -> Modifications.