Topic: Open multiple spectra

Hi mMass and Martin.

Thanks for a great program! You beat the best. :-)
I finally figured out to convert our Bruker fid with CompassXport to mzXML, so I can do analysis other places. And mMass is great. (Big fan)

I miss a feature to open multiple files from a folder, and subfolders.
I miss a feature to group spectra together. :-) (From the same spot on the target plate)
I miss a feature to make a sequence possible for all loaded spectra.
And last, I would be happy for a way to rename the files with "Dirname/../../." instead of "Dirname/."
, since that is how Bruker auto-organize files.

I have tried to make a little script, that opens multiple files.
import subprocess, os, re, time

mMass = r'C:\Program Files (x86)\mMass\mmass.exe'

matches = []
img_re = re.compile(r'.+\.(mzXML|mzML)$', re.IGNORECASE)
for root, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(os.getcwd()):
    matches.extend(os.path.join(root, name) for name in filenames if img_re.match(name))

subprocess.Popen("%s %s" % (mMass, matches[0]))
for match in matches[1:7]:
    subprocess.Popen("%s %s" % (mMass, match))
    print match
Then: python.exe open_files.py

But it is possible to make a makro plugin for the msprogram?
I also read that you could send the file to a port 65456.
Is that possible with some settings of spectre name?




Re: Open multiple spectra

Hi again.

I figured out to handle the "multi" open from subfolders.
Simply copy+rename the files to a shared folder.
I shared it in the "tips and tricks".

So, I only miss:
I miss a feature to make a sequence possible for all loaded spectra.


Re: Open multiple spectra

The best way is to make a new blank document and define your sequence(s). Save this file as your personal sequence database. Later, open your spectra and use the Sequence - Import and select the stored sequence file.