Topic: dotted spectra

Hello Martin and Everybody,
is it possible to make dotted or dashed spectra in mMass? Or is there another easy way how to make the spectra dotted? I need grey-scale spectra for my publication.


Re: dotted spectra

Hi Michal,
unfortunately, there is no way to make your spectra in dotted line. I can try to add this feature but I thing it would be very slow to draw such a line for high-res data. Currently the only way to do it is to "export" your image to vector format and change the line in something like Adobe Illustrator. To "export" data to vector format you need to print the image into PDF (native in Linux and OS X, for windows some converter must be installed). Tip: setup a new paper size in print dialog to achieve desired image size.



Re: dotted spectra

different line styles has been adde into version 5.3