Topic: Problem to open mzXML file


we hace a FT-ICR of Varian, and the spectrum files output have format .trans; we can export this files to mzXML with the software of Varian. But when I try open the mzXML file with mMass, appear a new message: "Unable to open the document, Selected document is damage or contains no data."

When I look at into de .log of mMass is written:
Exception in thread Thread-7:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "threading.pyo", line 530, in __bootstrap_inner
  File "threading.pyo", line 483, in run
  File "gui\main_frame.pyo", line 3144, in getDocumentScanList
  File "mspy\parser_mzxml.pyo", line 125, in getScanlist
  File "xml\sax\expatreader.pyo", line 107, in parse
  File "xml\sax\xmlreader.pyo", line 123, in parse
  File "xml\sax\expatreader.pyo", line 207, in feed
  File "xml\sax\expatreader.pyo", line 301, in start_element
  File "mspy\parser_mzxml.pyo", line 372, in startElement
ValueError: invalid literal for float(): 1274,399

Can you explain me why this occurs?

Thanks so much.


Re: Problem to open mzXML file

the problem is that "1274,399" is not a number in the meaning of computer. It must be "1274.399". Try to change the Local Settings on your platform and generate the mzXML again.