Topic: Deconvolution of Excalibur Spectra

Hello Martin,

I am using a Thermo Finnigan LTQ Mass Spectrometer for the measurement of oligonucleotides.
Therefore I am interested in the deconvolution of my mass spectra. Unfortunately you program does not
support the .raw files created by the LTQ software LTQ tune. Is there a way to use your program for
my data .raw files and deconvolute them?

Thank you very much for your answer


Re: Deconvolution of Excalibur Spectra

Hi Tim,
I haven't tried that but if you search google for "thermo raw to mzxml conversion" I'm sure you'll find some tools to convert your data.


Re: Deconvolution of Excalibur Spectra

Hi Tim,

there are two ways to do it:

1. Open the raw file in the Xcalibur Qual browser. I normally average the spectra I want in there. Then you right-click on the spectra and choose Export | Clipboard (Exact Mass). Then in mMass choose (New from Clipboard). mMass will then show you the raw data and ask you to remove the first couple lines of text.

2. Use Proeowizard ([url]http://proteowizard.sourceforge.net[/url]) to convert the raw file to .mzML, which then works in mMass.