Topic: mzML maximum spectrum size issue

I am writing a data format convertor for our own custom instrumental control software.
The problem I have is, as long as the spectrum size exceed 32KB (after base64 encoding), mMass cannot read the file.
If I keep the spectrum short (6000 data points profile spectrum), mMass works OK. Same problem happens on various mzML reader, including reference design, ProteoWizard.

I searched on the internet, it seems some XML parser has 32 KB limitation on record length. But the mMass own format .msd could have record length much more than 32 KB. So I suppose the XML parser of mMass should be OK to handle record more than 32KB.

Is this some bug of mMass or mzML limit the record length to 32 KB? Any suggestion?


Re: mzML maximum spectrum size issue

this is the first time I see this issue. All the files I'm using have several megabytes and I've never seen this issue. Could you please send me that file you are unable to open in mMass? (support at mmass dot org)