Topic: mmass: how to best load raw data from database

We are trying to understand what are our options to make mmass load raw data from a database. What we would like to do is add a new menu entry "Load from Database" in the Files menu which instead of showing the "File Open" dialog opens a dialog showing datasets in a database as entries and allowing the user to pick an entry. Then we would tell the database to give us the corresponding mzXML file and would like to hand the file over to the regular mzXML loading code of mmass. Our preference is to use a method that is supported by mmass and doesn't change regularly for new versions, i.e. something like a plugin interface if that exists.

I should say that we know how to program Python and know the web service API of the database (as we wrote it ourselves), but we don't know the mmass code base.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Re: mmass: how to best load raw data from database

as you said you know Python. So I think the easiest way for you would be to read the mMass source code and implement a new menu item and and something like a OnDocumentFromDatabase, then append link to selected file to the openning queue.