Topic: FTMS conversion

We have recently been acquiring data from an FTMS and would like to analyse it on mMass. I have seen similar topics on how to convert files, and CompassXport was suggested. However, I have just been on the Bruker page and registered in order to be able to download it, but it doesn't appear anywhere! I have searched on different sites, but all the links seem to be out of date.
Does anyone know where I can get CompassXport from, or is there any other free software that would do the same thing?



Re: FTMS conversion

To get CompassXport visit: [url]http://www.bdal.com/library/downloads-patches.html[/url] -> Login -> Choose "Software/Compass Tools" -> "CompassXport"

Or log in and follow this link:


Re: FTMS conversion

Thanks sgibb!

I could have sworn it wasn't there last time I looked... ;)