Topic: VIsualising multiple spectra in a stacked format

I've only recently discovered this software and I am really excited about using it since it works on Mac and up until now I have had to use FlexAnalysis on PC as is doesn't work on Mac.
I know this may be a very obvious question, but I haven't seemed to able to find the answer. I would like to visualise multiple spectra in a stacked format (in Flex the equivalent would be list view) is this possible?
So far I have been able to open multiple spectra but they overlap each other. The most I have managed is using the Flip spectra, but this only allows me to separate two, not more.
Is it possible with mMass to view multiple stacked spectra?
Thanks and congratulations on this great piece of software!


Re: VIsualising multiple spectra in a stacked format

Dear Sarah,
thank you for using mMass! Unfortunately, such a feature is not available at the moment. However, for the purpose of presentations you can simulate this visualization style using spectrum offsets. Try the last button (right most) on the bottom spectrum toolbar.