Topic: Importing data from MassLynx

Is it possible to import raw data from MassLynx to mMass?  I have tried exporting as an .XML from MassLynx however the I get an error saying that the file either contains no data or is corrupt.  Any help would be much appreciated.



Re: Importing data from MassLynx

I don't know if you can import Mass Lynx spectra directly, but you can export from Mass Lynx by EDIT>COPY SPECTRUM LIST and then pasting the list (mass/intensity pairs) into a text file. Then in mMass, drag and drop the .txt file onto an mMass document, new or in-use seems OK. The result should be your "exported" spectrum. I usually smooth, baseline subtract and calibrate the spectrum before "exporting" it.


Re: Importing data from MassLynx

there is no direct support for MassLynx format in mMass. You need to export your data to ascii XY, mzXML, mzML or mzData format first. Try to look at this websit: [url]http://tools.proteomecenter.org/wiki/index.php?title=Software:massWolf[/url]